TRENDING - On The Street, Resort Australia 2017

After scouring through a week's worth of street style images from Fashion Week* (at approximately 1500 images per day; much less than previous years!), I have uncovered the most frequently occurring outfit items/features... AKA, what's "trending."

From Dion Lee to Coach to ASOS, fringed skirts were all the rage this season. Last year there were a few that popped up around the place, but nowhere near the number that I saw this year. Pleated skirts also seemed to be a favourite feature in skirting. But whether you go decide you're a Pleated Patty or Fringed Frida, you're sure to be cutting edge in either of these swinging silhouettes. 

Once you have your skirt game sorted, be sure to layer it up over some pants. Getting the right combination can take some trial and error, though starting with a midi-length or ankle-grazing skirt is definitely your starting point. This season there were a lot of wide-leg pants, as well as cropped and skinny jeans layered up for a fresh take on the flares and leather leggings of past skirts-over-pants looks. 

About 5 years ago I recall feeling exhausted after each and every shopping trip. Why? I was searching endlessly for the perfect band t-shirt. Most of us managed to find them, only to wear them for one season with our skinny jeans, ankle boots, leather jackets, and beanies, before retiring them to the back of the wardrobe (or in worst-case scenarios, the pyjama drawer). But it's time to break them out again. Give them a wash to get rid of the mothball scent for the second time, and pair with the aforementioned fringed and pleated skirts. 

Duh. If you've had even one eye open while the increasingly huge amount of street style and trend images flood your social media accounts on all 50+ screens that you view on a daily basis, you'll realise that bomber jackets are a big thing right now. Personally, the gold metallic Gucci bomber haunts my dreams. And in said dreams I have an insanely perfect boyfriend who wears Valentino bombers. We look great together. 

By day 4, there was a lot of denim about. This tends to happen every year at Fashion Week. By this stage, everyone is exhausted and running out of clothing options - so out come the jeans and denim jackets. They're comfy and reliable, so sue us. But this year's twist? CUSTOMISE BABY! This season you have licence to make your denim as personal as you want, zero f***s given. If you're into the floral Gucci embroidery, that's cool. If you're into the uneven hemlines and varied colour hues of Vetements, that's cool too. If you're into the iron-on patches at Topshop, go for it. If you're into the tweed trimmings à la Chanel, bully for you Fancy Lady! Long story short, denim is EVERYWHERE, so make it your own. 

*Apologies for the delay - so much to go through, so little time!