What the industry insiders expect to see next week during MBFWA...

The world of fashion in this day and age is incredibly fast-paced, which means trends can be both fleeting and hard to see coming. Luckily, I know a few talented fashion insiders who always have their finger on the pulse of what's cool and what's going to be cool. So to help me prep my eye and my outfits for next week, I asked them what their predictions are for Resort 2016...

Writer and creative director Ally Hayward of Substance Blog is the queen of subtly updating her beauty look. She is effortlessly able to stay fresh with even the most minor of changes - which, believe me, is a serious art form. This season, Ally says to look out for braids, and fresh dewy complexions with less contouring*. Colour is also on her radar, predicting a comeback for red lips as well as some more playful accents: "coloured liner is having a moment, so I would love to see a pop of colour on the eyes!"

If you want an expert opinion on what is trending among the Australian fashion set, photographer Liz Sunshine of Street Smith is your lady. Being a super-stylish lass herself, even the most intimidatingly chic feel at home in front of her lens. Two things she expects to see strutting around next week are bare shoulders and collar-grazing earrings. Yep, it's all about those clavicles. 

If there is one fashion girl I always want to take (extensive) notes from, it's Chloe Hill - stylist, market editor at Oyster, and personal style icon. I am forever in awe of her use of colour; unsurprisingly that is exactly what her predictions revolve around for fashion week. According to Chloe we can expect to see "various shades of blue in the form of denim and cotton fabrics." But much like me, she really hopes to see shades of pink too! 

Personally, I expect to see lots of slip dresses and spaghetti strap singlets both on and off runways. This season though I think they will be more luxurious than their 90s inspired counterparts of previous years. I also think (like Chloe) we will see lots of denim - especially with personalised patches and feminist statements. The bomber jacket trend is still going strong, so I predict we will see them on a few of the fast-fashion girls.** And finally, I have a sneaking suspicion we will see less of the typical monochromatic Sydney uniform this year - colour is cool. 

Here's to another crazy week of fashion ahead - can't wait to see how right/wrong we all are! 

*Thank god. 
**I'm secretly also praying hard for a Gucci or Valentino bomber jacket appearance... But that's far less likely outside of Europe and Hong Kong.